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The time has come that big and small clothing companies are having sales, some going from 30 and 70 percent decreases in price. With big names going for smaller price tags, this should be the best time for a lover of fashion! Right?

First and foremost is the obvious price reduction, this can be shocking when seeing a piece that was once going for 500 slashed down to 100, you may think that you have been blessed by the lord. Sales are perfect places for picking up pieces which you’ve had an eye for a long time but could not go that extra stretch of buying it.

Big brands, we have all looked at something we have liked and picked up, only to realise that its way out of our price range, resulting in that devastating walk away, in the hope you forget all about it. Well sales now give you the opportunity to look at those once unachievable items but now a chance of coming a reality. It can be really quite pleasing, this often results in a large spree of anything you can pick on which seems nice, only because the price is so irresistible!

That leads on to the not so perfect reality of sales. Reason of why the item is on sale in the first place, may be because they stocked too many and now they have to get rid of it. Or often enough the item on sale is actually something that has been put in sale because of how unpopular it has been. This is usually the case as a sales give the retailer an excuse to clear stock of something which is using space and not bringing the money.

The choice that you have, is unquestionably lowered as the stock left on sale is most of the time got irregular sizing or some sort of issue has been found with it. Compromises may have to be made, buying a size up because all the others have sold out making it not as great as it could have been. Odd colours which no one wanted may end up in your closet.

Overall sales can be more than satisfying, cheap prices which retains top quality is something that is dreamt about, but what is fundamental about sales is to remember that YOU are in charge, not the sale p. Make sure you know what you want before you go in, the size that you are, the item can work with other pieces of clothing you own so it can be used not only that one time. Understanding that sales are risks are if unplanned, having bought a load of clothing which become useless the next week that rolls around is not the right way, amazing finds in these sales, so go crazy but a careful crazy!


Its not often when something which is exhausted and near its death that it can come back and look astonishing.

Well, that is until you see the work of J T Merry, where he has taken ordinary brand logos and transformed them into something which is beautiful and interesting, the example of the ‘Nike’ logo has seen to be uplifted with the use of a flower which adds a nature aspect and increases the depth of the whole thing, from street wear to wearing pieces of hand crafted art.

.2 - k09wXZi

Innovation and creativity are clearly present, the use of colour and moulding the work around the logo. If you don’t know already,embroidery is no easy task!  A long and tedious amount of dedication is required which includes sewing and stitching, not to mention the skill and precision that is necessary.

What these great pieces represent is the aspect of how skill and craftsmanship can rival designer clothing and that the so called ‘hold on fashion’ by big names which have such control, where they dictate the trends and the average lover of fashion has little or no control on the landscape. ‘Do it yourself’, more over quality ‘Do it yourself’ can create a sense of  intimidation to bigger brands where they understand that their authority can always be tackled and rivalled, thus increasing the amount of work and detail put in the products.

3 - 6QpbnGh

On of a more interpersonal level, wearing clothes which have seen to have altercations which are not on the initial garment and shows a clear sense of adjustment are seen to be examined more, as eyebrows are raised, this may be in the interested sense but all so in the ‘what have you done to your sweatshirt!?’ sense. This is all dependent on whether what you have done or some one else is seen to be of quality.

Overall innovation and increasing the worth of something old or even new can give it a personal view,it can offer a more interesting look for others, something that stands out, of course it has its risks, but isn’t that what fashion is all about? stepping out and being the frontier for change and inventing new trends!



Was the statement made by a rouge model on the RIck Owens spring and summer 2016 collection show case.

Rick Owens is known for his post war futurism and distinct aesthetic, in addition to his unexpected creations such as the fall and winter show case where penis’s were openly displayed, Rick Owens presents not only clothes but performance art.

‘Jera’ the individual involved stunned many at the show with a political stunt something Rick Owens did not expect at all. Reportedly having had  said that he was  “a crazy, rogue, fu-king model” and that he “punched” him afterwards.

The action was soon accompanied with a statement from the Rick Owens press office stating “Rick Owens does not claim responsibility for the act of protest by a model at the Spring Summer 2016 show. This was an independent statement and does not reflect the opinion of the house of Rick Owens.”

This antic has certainly overshadowed the show, others question why some one who risk there career and disrespect some one who has given work for over 10 years, also having been called Owen’s ‘muse’. The consequences have been fast to surface. Eva Gödel the founder and owner of the agency which found ‘jera’ has said ‘He’ll never work again’.

The political nature of what has occurred is something which is rarely seen in these heavily planned events. It draws attention to the message of what was said, many have pointed to how Germany is doing at this time; 25% of the country’s population is unemployed furthermore a devastating 50% for the youth of Germany.

What commenced at the show was equally stupid and smart as it asks questions about the relation between politics and fashion and if they two can work in a serious manner rather than a abstract idea. Jeru displayed unprofessional and disrespectful behaviour which may be all that is left of this.


While browsing what to buy if you look far enough you might see a brand that is seemingly brand new. The intention is clear for many of these new brands, produce some clothes which has some sort of graphic on them, nice logo and interesting name equals profit; Simple right?

Well this is where so many stumble, it may be easy to look at big brands where simply putting their name and logo on a t shirt can be sold for a decent price. Talking here about brands such as Emporio Armani, G star and Hugo boss. What is ignored is that the fact that some of these brands such as Emporio have been going since 1975 thus a name has be made by creating unique clothing, allowing them to do place a logo and sell. The weight and prestige that is attached to the name is what people buy. Whereas a new brand which is still growing can’t expect to be able to sell a t shirt with just the name, customers are not easily fooled into clothes when there is such an offering.

The solution to this is purely understanding that originality is key to furthering your brand, original designs which show creativity and not something which can be viewed as unimaginative. Placing yourself as a valid contender to the market you’re after entails you having something the others don’t, hard it may seem with so many other designers but that is what the competition is all about a race to achieve the most inventive creations.

To make clear of your originality, the brand must offer a story, a reason why a potential customer would want to buy this be could something they could relate to; lifestyle, a way of thinking, a certain culture. Examples of this can be seen such as Ralph Lauren, selling a lifestyle of luxury distinct with the polo player on a horse, a game played by the rich and famous. Supreme, a skate brand which when started in 1994 offered a safe haven for skaters, their stores for one accommodated for customers with skateboards by not putting clothing racks in the middle of the shop so it was easy for the skaters. Since gaining popularity it has grown to be more as a hip hop punk store, but this is all because of a solid foundation of what the brand stood for. A brand should understand the market and who specifically you are aiming for, without this you are just a vague clothes shop which has nothing of interest other than offering garments to cover your body.

Understanding the worth of your products, at the start of your journey as a clothes brand you will suffer a lot of costs, stock, advertising and designs. To compensate for this and all your hard work you may think that since you are an independent new brand you can retail high prices. This is the wrong way to go about It, first time viewers may discouraged with big labels and go to brands they already know of that they may have a trust for so many years. As hard it may seem lowering your price to entice customers, by laws of supply and demand, a lower price markets you to a larger audience. Suffering a loss may be hard for the few months, even years but this may be essential for the growth of your brand. Establishing a fan base and people who may spread the word of your brand is what you want to advance your company as without it, be expected to spend a lot on advertising which may not achieve the same results as the power of word of mouth.

Here are just some of the fundamentals that many start up brands miss and unfortunately lead to their down fall, understanding these are important but there is much more to learn, the world of fashion and the competition is one of the fiercest competing grounds out there and is not easy.

However this should not be a reason to be discouraged if you are starting a brand or company as if you have something you feel that is unique and can be seen as worthy of recognition go for it, the reward of innovation can be huge.

  • Pink shirt


With the explosion of pink in the men’s market, this summer is sat to be one where bright colours will not only look great with the sun but with an exuberant touch.

A simple pink shirt just as a white can act as a complimentary touch to any summer themed outfit, pink shirt, light blue shorts and some white shoes you are sorted!

  • Ray Bans


This may be seen as coddling to a certain brand but Ray ban is the stand-up face of sunglasses the simple tag on the side of the shade is noticed worldwide, renowned for their great pieces. One of them being the mighty wayfarer from its creation way back in 1956 they have carried on the legendary piece, a piece which will always, every summer season a must have on any beach and a protective shield against the sun.

  • Rounded brimmed baseball cap


Forget about snap backs and even 6 panels while you’re at it because the classic brimmed cap has made a comeback from what can only be called the grave! Recent innovations from the likes of ‘Gianni Mora’ bringing back the cap with a simple touch has caused echoes after celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa have given it the momentum.

The Ralph Lauren cap which features the brimmed aspect which was previously seen as piece for the senior demographic is being transformed to compulsory piece for this summer. A classic hat and the touch of the embroidered logo add a drop of style which complied with a brand less outfit give the subtle but fine look which is simply summed up with the cliché ‘less is more’ .

Pink, a colour that has always been that has represented fun playful vibe and always been labelled a ‘girls’ colour from the day babies are born, colours are said to portray a gender indication, most popular of course being blue and pink. Blue for boys and pink for girls.

With the past haven set in these concrete views on gender and what constructs that idea, times have changed and with a drive for more liberal steps to progress the world, even colour and what it brings to the table has to be questioned.

The beauty of fashion and what why i fell in love with it is that its the first to make radical changes, if its men wearing dresses or even Rick Owen’s Penis show, its open to question the worlds views on what seems to be fixated things.

The term androgyny come to mind with tackling the colour of pink, as the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics may be soon to be attributed with the colours pink and blue in time to come where maybe the gender specification will be completely neutral, something to look forward to in the eyes of equality and eradicating old dogma.

Evidence to suggest this androgyny can be seen through this summer/spring season, with the brand ‘Supreme’ a skating brand which portrays a different culture offering to youth has seen that the most popular to colour option that has sold out the fastest has been pink. This brings hope to many as if the the seemingly youth are involved with changing certain attitudes in fashion, what is there to say that this could have a correlation with general social views.

What i am trying to suggest that the seemingly feminine colour that is pink has now unlocked the door to allow any one female or even male to do something which 20 years ago may have been seen as ‘gay’. Recent events such as the high profile Bruce Jenner changing his identity to Caityn Jenner is doing massive to the freedom to explore the worlds offering not only in the clothes that you wear but as the person who you want to be from the heart.

Kanye west the infamous rapper, designer and all round showman who has collaborated with Adidas has announced the Yeezy Boost 350, after the heavily decorated Yeezy boost 750 release on June 27th, speculation was placed on when the 350’s would be making their debut. Now the time has come, as 27th June they will be released globally.

Kanye’s produce has always been hot demand and been a quick sell out, but now Kanye west wanting to ward out to the larger spectrum of high end fashion lovers the thought that the stock may be increased and easily available can be a possibility, with the rumoured stock list showing a whole load of stockers there odds are in the customers favours.

Since the Yeezy season 1 showcase the Yeezy 350 has been compared to the Nike Roshe calling it the ‘cheap man Roshe’ this negative attitude is damaging considering the price tag to be $200. There is no doubt that Kanye’s followers will be out in force to grab their hands on them. More can’t be said until the shoe has been released and reviews have been consummated.

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