Stan Smiths

The Stan smiths are shoes not to be messed with, a history dating back to the 1960’s they preserve sense of the past and all the pleasure the shoe brought to its tennis days. This and also keeping a contemporary fit which sits softly on the minimalistic and calm design.

With summer nearly reaching its peak the Stan smiths have took a foreseeable leap onto front stage, with multiple recantations appearing, the different colors and materials offer an incredible variety to make sure your Stan smith are perfect with whatever the look you are after. This in correlation with the simplicity offer the Stan smiths to be an all rounded shoe which can be used for pretty much any case and scenario.

With the large array of possibilities the shoe allows the threats of opposition start to appear, arguing that the ‘jumping on the band wagon’ mob mentality has made the Stan smiths ‘played out’. This has been prevalent opinions on array of forums.

Nevertheless this sort of views are not to surprising with the clear popularity of the shoes. Certainly a safe bet but carrying a sense of class and style. With the shoe have been worn by celebrities such as Kanye west, it’s no wonder that that the shoe holds a weight in the sneaker and also the fashion game.

Overall this post is not only to praise the Stan smiths but also to highlight the fact that despite a small percentage have an issue with the form of the shoe being ‘bulky’ or wide the low top shoe offers such diversity in the process of choosing what to wear. This being one of the many reasons it is a must buy, the white offering for the main line shoe has a leather surface, despite the lack of quality it defiantly holds its self well.

This being with knowledge of the price of the shoe, being a low to mid-range shoe it is worthy of its price tag, in addition to the mass produced Stan smiths there is the offering of the Raf Stan Smiths which are of a significantly increased price point is compensated with a heightened degree of quality and the label of Raf Simons. This being popular and regarded as a higher end piece of fashion due to its designer accomplice.

What the Stan smiths offer is not only a well-rounded shoe but something which holds its own in comparison with more expensive and popular shoes such as common projects and leather canvases. With a choice of styles and even the choice of designer collaboration the like of Raf Simons and Pharrell Williams. All making the Stan smith a must have summer shoe, there’s a reason it is Adidas all-time best selling shoe with 40 million pairs sold!


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