Why Do So Many Clothing Start Up Brands Fail?

While browsing what to buy if you look far enough you might see a brand that is seemingly brand new. The intention is clear for many of these new brands, produce some clothes which has some sort of graphic on them, nice logo and interesting name equals profit; Simple right?

Well this is where so many stumble, it may be easy to look at big brands where simply putting their name and logo on a t shirt can be sold for a decent price. Talking here about brands such as Emporio Armani, G star and Hugo boss. What is ignored is that the fact that some of these brands such as Emporio have been going since 1975 thus a name has be made by creating unique clothing, allowing them to do place a logo and sell. The weight and prestige that is attached to the name is what people buy. Whereas a new brand which is still growing can’t expect to be able to sell a t shirt with just the name, customers are not easily fooled into clothes when there is such an offering.

The solution to this is purely understanding that originality is key to furthering your brand, original designs which show creativity and not something which can be viewed as unimaginative. Placing yourself as a valid contender to the market you’re after entails you having something the others don’t, hard it may seem with so many other designers but that is what the competition is all about a race to achieve the most inventive creations.

To make clear of your originality, the brand must offer a story, a reason why a potential customer would want to buy this be could something they could relate to; lifestyle, a way of thinking, a certain culture. Examples of this can be seen such as Ralph Lauren, selling a lifestyle of luxury distinct with the polo player on a horse, a game played by the rich and famous. Supreme, a skate brand which when started in 1994 offered a safe haven for skaters, their stores for one accommodated for customers with skateboards by not putting clothing racks in the middle of the shop so it was easy for the skaters. Since gaining popularity it has grown to be more as a hip hop punk store, but this is all because of a solid foundation of what the brand stood for. A brand should understand the market and who specifically you are aiming for, without this you are just a vague clothes shop which has nothing of interest other than offering garments to cover your body.

Understanding the worth of your products, at the start of your journey as a clothes brand you will suffer a lot of costs, stock, advertising and designs. To compensate for this and all your hard work you may think that since you are an independent new brand you can retail high prices. This is the wrong way to go about It, first time viewers may discouraged with big labels and go to brands they already know of that they may have a trust for so many years. As hard it may seem lowering your price to entice customers, by laws of supply and demand, a lower price markets you to a larger audience. Suffering a loss may be hard for the few months, even years but this may be essential for the growth of your brand. Establishing a fan base and people who may spread the word of your brand is what you want to advance your company as without it, be expected to spend a lot on advertising which may not achieve the same results as the power of word of mouth.

Here are just some of the fundamentals that many start up brands miss and unfortunately lead to their down fall, understanding these are important but there is much more to learn, the world of fashion and the competition is one of the fiercest competing grounds out there and is not easy.

However this should not be a reason to be discouraged if you are starting a brand or company as if you have something you feel that is unique and can be seen as worthy of recognition go for it, the reward of innovation can be huge.


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