Innovation, Revitalisation And Doing It Yourself

Its not often when something which is exhausted and near its death that it can come back and look astonishing.

Well, that is until you see the work of J T Merry, where he has taken ordinary brand logos and transformed them into something which is beautiful and interesting, the example of the ‘Nike’ logo has seen to be uplifted with the use of a flower which adds a nature aspect and increases the depth of the whole thing, from street wear to wearing pieces of hand crafted art.

.2 - k09wXZi

Innovation and creativity are clearly present, the use of colour and moulding the work around the logo. If you don’t know already,embroidery is no easy task!  A long and tedious amount of dedication is required which includes sewing and stitching, not to mention the skill and precision that is necessary.

What these great pieces represent is the aspect of how skill and craftsmanship can rival designer clothing and that the so called ‘hold on fashion’ by big names which have such control, where they dictate the trends and the average lover of fashion has little or no control on the landscape. ‘Do it yourself’, more over quality ‘Do it yourself’ can create a sense of  intimidation to bigger brands where they understand that their authority can always be tackled and rivalled, thus increasing the amount of work and detail put in the products.

3 - 6QpbnGh

On of a more interpersonal level, wearing clothes which have seen to have altercations which are not on the initial garment and shows a clear sense of adjustment are seen to be examined more, as eyebrows are raised, this may be in the interested sense but all so in the ‘what have you done to your sweatshirt!?’ sense. This is all dependent on whether what you have done or some one else is seen to be of quality.

Overall innovation and increasing the worth of something old or even new can give it a personal view,it can offer a more interesting look for others, something that stands out, of course it has its risks, but isn’t that what fashion is all about? stepping out and being the frontier for change and inventing new trends!


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