Sales- Are they as great as they seem?

The time has come that big and small clothing companies are having sales, some going from 30 and 70 percent decreases in price. With big names going for smaller price tags, this should be the best time for a lover of fashion! Right?

First and foremost is the obvious price reduction, this can be shocking when seeing a piece that was once going for 500 slashed down to 100, you may think that you have been blessed by the lord. Sales are perfect places for picking up pieces which you’ve had an eye for a long time but could not go that extra stretch of buying it.

Big brands, we have all looked at something we have liked and picked up, only to realise that its way out of our price range, resulting in that devastating walk away, in the hope you forget all about it. Well sales now give you the opportunity to look at those once unachievable items but now a chance of coming a reality. It can be really quite pleasing, this often results in a large spree of anything you can pick on which seems nice, only because the price is so irresistible!

That leads on to the not so perfect reality of sales. Reason of why the item is on sale in the first place, may be because they stocked too many and now they have to get rid of it. Or often enough the item on sale is actually something that has been put in sale because of how unpopular it has been. This is usually the case as a sales give the retailer an excuse to clear stock of something which is using space and not bringing the money.

The choice that you have, is unquestionably lowered as the stock left on sale is most of the time got irregular sizing or some sort of issue has been found with it. Compromises may have to be made, buying a size up because all the others have sold out making it not as great as it could have been. Odd colours which no one wanted may end up in your closet.

Overall sales can be more than satisfying, cheap prices which retains top quality is something that is dreamt about, but what is fundamental about sales is to remember that YOU are in charge, not the sale p. Make sure you know what you want before you go in, the size that you are, the item can work with other pieces of clothing you own so it can be used not only that one time. Understanding that sales are risks are if unplanned, having bought a load of clothing which become useless the next week that rolls around is not the right way, amazing finds in these sales, so go crazy but a careful crazy!


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